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Hot Food Service Trolley(Electric)
Hot Food Service Trolley(Electric)Electric Hot Food Service Trolley Manufacturer & Supplier in Delhi, Electric Hot Food Service Trolley in Delhi. Our range of hot food trolley is specially designed to keep the food fresh and warm for a mobile food services. These trolleys can be used for serving foods in hospitals, nursing homes, old age homes, hotels, schools, catering & delivery services, banquet and even armed forces & aircrafts.
The unique profile temperature technology ensures that the meals are kept at a safe, even temperature during transport, plating and service, without drying out or burning.

• Durability
• Easy to use
• Resistant to corrosion
• Light weight
• High tensile strength
• Robust construction
• Sturdiness
• Rust-proof
• Robust design
• Enhanced durability
• Intricately finished

Body Other Discription
inner 18 swg and outer/Top 16 swg Stianless steel body with Warmer Haevy Duty/Silent proof Wheel,
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