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Pasta Cooker(Electric)
Pasta Cooker(Electric)Electric Pasta Cooker Manufacturer in Delhi, Pasta Cooker Supplier in Delhi Pasta Cooker in Delhi. We are reputed supplier & trader of Pasta Cooker. It is not easy serving your customers pasta that's cooked to perfection every time. If its cooked too long, it turns limp and soggy. If its not served immediately after cooking, it becomes cold and unappetizing.
Now available in gas or electric models, Pasta Perfect can produce up to 500 ten-ounce servings of pasta every hour by cooking large quantities in advance, then warming individual orders as they're received, so your customers don't have to wait. And with automatic basket lifts and electronic time controls, every pasta dish is cooked perfectly every time. Cooking and warming times from 5 seconds to 16 minutes give Pasta Perfect a range that covers virtually any pasta product spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, ravioli, linguini, and vermicelli. And it does it all in less than seven square feet of floor space.

• High tensile strength
• Sturdy construction
• Dimensional accuracy
• Durable finish standards
• Heavy duty gas burner with individual switch and thermostat
• Electric direct spark ignition, flame failure safety device for each control
• Effectively designed for multi-tasking

Dimensions(MM) Voltage(V/Hz) Heating Element(KW) Net Wieght (KG)
600Lx600Wx850H 220 /50 3 21.5
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